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What alcohol and drug counselors do?
Alcohol and Drug Counselors provide intermittent therapy and emotional support to drug addicts, without any gender biases. The therapy process continues until the elimination of its roots from the victims.

Places where alcohol and drugs counselor can get job
The drug counselor can work in different places like

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Halfway Houses
  • Detoxification Centers
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Police Drug Counselor Departments
  • Prisons
  • Education Systems

Besides this, they have an opportunity to open their clinics to treat the victims.
Scope and Salary of alcohol and drugs counselors
The drug addiction problem is spread throughout the USA. Just because this curse is spread like a jungle’s fire, the drug counselors can have a wide range of job opportunities. More counselors are needed with time, as there is a 22% job outlook for drug counselors by 2028.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a drug counselor is $44630 per anum. While their per hour rate lies somewhere between $21-$22/hour.

What will you Learn at Crescent College
We have structured course list for better understanding of our aspirants. Have a look on what you are going to learn at Crescent College.

Group meeting with counselor for people trying to gain life balance

Courses in this program include:

Module ACD
Module BCD
Module CCD
Module DCD
Module ECD
Module FCD
Module GCD
Module HCD
Module ICD
Module JCD
Module KCD
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Medical Office Procedures
Medical Anatomy and Terminology
Pharmacology and Substance Abuse
Treatment Process and Procedures to Develop a Treatment Plan
Strategies for Assessment/Case Management
Counseling Process-Individual/Group/Family
Client Rights & Ethics- Personal/Professional Growth
CPR / First Aid
Employment Preparation

Anthony Thomas , Crescent College Instructor For Chemical Dependency And Counseling

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