What do Computer Repairing Technicians do?

The basic task of computer repairer is to maintain computer services and servers, setting up new hardware, installing and configure software and drivers. The job of the computer repairer may also include repairing computer hardware, troubleshooting errors, maintaining internet connectivity and providing technical support.

Places where Computer Repairers can get Jobs?

As technology turn out to be more prevalent there is a increasing need for experts who can provide technical support. Computer technicians fill this role across a broad range of industries and though individual tasks.

Computer repairer may get jobs in

  • Software development firms
  • Educational institutes
  • Hardware repairing companies
  • On staff in retail stores

Opening a small computer repair business would also be a great idea for earning after completing this course.

Scope and Salary of a Computer Repairing Technician?

After completing this course, you will get job almost in every field because computers are the part of every business firm. In the 21st century, almost everyone has a Personal Computer at their desk. That’s why no one can ignore the importance of a computer repairing technician.

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is $53,470 per year which is almost $25.70 per hour.While the job opportunities will increase more than 10% of average in the time period from 2019 to 2028.

Courses in this program include:

Module ACS
Module BCS
Module CCS
Module DCS
Module ECS
Module FCS
Module GCS
Module HCS
Introduction to Computers
Word Processing and Keyboarding
Microcomputer Hardware
Computer Network I
Computer Network II
PC Maintenance
Employment Preparation

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