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What do Business Administrators do?
The job of a business administrator is to direct and oversee an organization’s financial and budgetary activities. Every organization needs a professional to guard their financial dealings to achieve the goal successfully. Business Administrators are amongst one of the most important members of any organization and have a huge responsibility.

Places where Business Administrators can get job
After completing this course you can get a job in any organization along with a handsome salary package. Business administrators are the white-collar jobholders who can reach the managerial post in any organization.  Take a glance at the posts on which you will get a chance to work.

  • Organization’s Account Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Office Administration
  • Project Management
  • Bank Accountants
  • Business Analysts
  • Finance Officer

After the training, you can pursue your career among thousands of organizations besides these. 

Scope and Salary of Business Administrators
Business Administrators is the fundamental requirement for the successful working of any organization. The growth in demand, for the employment of Management Occupations, is expected to be 7% till 2028. The Business Administrators are amongst one of the highest-paid employees in any field. Here is the list (by US Bureau of Labor Statistics) of annual average income for Business Administrators of different fields.

                  POST                                                              Average Salary

  • IT Managers                                                             $142,530
  • Marketing Managers                                              $132,620
  • Financial Managers                                                $127,990
  • Human Resource Managers                                  $113,300
  • Administrative Services Managers                      $96,180


Courses in this program include:

Module ABO
Module BBO
Module FBO
Module GBO
Module HBO
Module IBO
Module JBO
Module KBO
Module LBO
Module MBO
Module NBO
Introduction to Computers
Word Processing and Keyboarding
Electronic Spreadsheets
Business Mathematics
Ten Key Operation
Principles of Accounting Business and Computerized Accounting
Business Office Procedures Law and Ethics
Business Communications
Introduction to Internet
Employment Preparation

Why Crescent College to learn Business Administration?
Established in 2000, and since then Crescent College has steadily grown into one of the leading training institutions in Los Angeles. The Business Training Program is lead by highly professional staff, with the syllabus divided into 11 designed modules. The 11th module is an externship that will help you with your market experience. We are proudly playing a major role in grooming future leaders who can make a positive difference to the world. We are accountable- to each other,  to our teams and to our commitments.

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