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Medical Assistant

Train to work in a medical front office or back office setting. Learn medical procedures such as phlebotomy, venipuncture, EKG monitoring, minor surgical techniques, laboratory techniques, emergency first aid and medical office management procedures.

Medical Billing and Coding

Train to become a Medical Billing and Insurance Coder. Gain gain knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT-Plus insurance coding and billing procedures and process payments and perform adminstrative duties for a medical facility or hospital.

Certified Phlebotomy CPT-1

Train to become a Certified Phlebotomist-CPT 1, who collects blood samples for a variety of reasons, including medical testing, blood transfusion, and blood donation. Upon completion, students are eligible to sit for the Certified Phlebotomist CPT-1 exam for licensure.

Physical Therapy Aide

Train to become a Physical Therapy Aide and assist in administering physical therapy treatment programs. Learn various forms of treatments, such as motion exercises, massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound treatments, and other clinical procedures.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Learn theoretical and practical training in counseling and case management and study substance abuse, assessment and communication, treatment plans and counseling. You will also learn be introduced to basic Pharmacology and you could qualify for entry level counseling positions.

Computer Repair Technician

Train in computer repair fundamentals and basic concepts of computer networking. Also learn basic computer software programs and how to manage software and hardware in an MS Windows network environment. Students also prepare for the A+ Certification exam and can qualify for entry level positions.

Business Office Administration

Learn fundamental PC skills, accounting skills and business administration. Also learn MS Office applications and business office applications; including spreadsheets, database creation and maintenance, vital skills in business communications and professional customer service etiquette.

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