Dear Students,

Crescent College provides an invaluable service to the Los Angeles area community, by providing its’ residents with marketable training skills, in particular, job training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the local business community, and current industry trends.

In addition, Crescent College provides employment preparation training to its graduates, which includes interviewing and resume writing techniques, classes that teach and promote good work habits, self-esteem and confidence, and interview communication techniques that relate to a students specific program of study. Crescent College also maintains a full time, in house, Career Development Department, which functions as a liaison between its graduates and prospective employers, during training and after graduation.

Crescent College’s endeavor to produce marketable graduates in today’s job market is the primary goal of the college’s faculty and staff, which are determined to assist every student with their individual study needs. As a college, we strive to uphold a high standard of ethics and provide quality education to our students.

In essence, your success is a testament to our college’s success, which is the result of your motivation, hard work and determination.

We wish you the very best in your studies.


Angel Gutierrez
College Director and President
Crescent College

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