Medical worker with PPE taking blood sample from patient in a hospital

Learn Phlebotomy at Crescent College
Who are the phlebotomists?

Phlebotomists are the people that retrieve blood samples for testing it, for medical or other purposes. When a patient visits a hospital or a clinic, professionally trained phlebotomists withdraw the blood of the patient, examine it in the lab by several tests and then make a report. The doctor prescribe medication after seeing that report.

What you will learn at Crescent
Our professionals will teach you through both theoretical as well as practical work. You will examine blood samples on microscope and will perform different testing on it.

What we will teach you in this course includes

  • A detailed introduction of blood and blood diseases
  • Preparing the patients to blood draw
  • Vein Puncturing (The safest techniques to retrieve the blood samples)
  • Blood Preservation Techniques
  • Blood Examination Techniques
  • Equipment Safety
  • Sterilization of Surgical Instruments

After taking the Professional Certification Course of Phlebotomist from Crescent College LA, you will be able to perform several blood tests

  • Glucose Test
  • Calcium Test
  • Blood Cholesterol and Lipids Test
  • D-Timer Test
  • Blood Count
  • HBA1c Test
  • CRP Test
  • Vitamins Test
  • Testosterone Test
  • Human Chronic Gonadotropin Test (pregnancy
  • Folate Test

And many others. We are 100% sure that after taking this course (with hands on practice), we equip you with such skills and smooth handling that you will get job before the blink of your eye.

Training Period
This course is ideally designed for the people to pursue their carrier as a phlebotomist. We are focused to teach you by boosting your knowledge in a highly practical environment within the short period of 7 Months only.

Scope and Salary

You may also know that whole United State has been on the verge of war with blood diseases since decades. The demand of phlebotomist in United States of America is increasing day by day and exponential job increase is expected in the upcoming years.

According to Bureau of labor statistics USA

  • Average salary of phlebotomist is 34,480
  • Number of jobs in 2019 were 128,300
  • And amazingly 23% growth of demand is expected.

Where Phlebotomists get Jobs?
Most people think that phlebotomists are only confined to the hospitals, but that’s not true.

You may work in

  • Physician’s Offices
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Research Laboratories
  • Blood Banks
  • Paramedical Examination
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Private Nursing Homes
  • Dialysis Centers

And many other Health Care Units

Procedure of blood capture from vein in hospital.

Courses in this program include:

Module I (integrated)
Module ACP
Module BCP
Module CCP
Module DCP
Module II (integrated)
Module ECP
Module FCP
Module GCP
Module HCP
Module III (integrated)

Module ICP

Hours: 20.5h
Universal Precautions and Infection Control
Anatomy and Medical Terminology
Skin Puncture Selection and Preparation, Post Puncture, Collection equipment
Blood Collection, Proper identification of Patient
Hours: 20.5h
Medical Waste and Bio-hazard Containers
Anti-coagulation and Arterial Blood Collection
Pre-analytical Complications and Risk factors
Ethical Behavior, State laws and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)
Hours: 40h


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