Medical Assistants of Crescent College

What Medical Assistants do?
Medical Assistant’s job is to help doctors in dealing with their patients. Medical Assistants are for
two purposes.

  • Clinical Purpose
  • Administrative Purpose

The clinical Medical Assistants help doctors in surgeries and patients care. While the administrative
Medical Assistants handles the managerial work.

Places where Medical Assistants can get job

Being a Medical Assistant, you can work in

  • Doctor’s Office
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Medical Surgeons
  • Intense Care Unit’s
  • Quick Rescue Offices
  • Pharma Labs
  • Medical University’s labs and many other Health Care Institutes.

Scope and Salary of Medical Assistants
Medical Assistants are the second most demanded persons in Medical Profession. There is a shortage of medical assistants in United States which means more opportunities

According to the report of US Bureau of Labors Statistics on Medical Assistants
The average salary of medical assistants is $39696 (2019) while the range lies between $36,700 to $43,860 depending upon the skills.
There were about 7,20,000 job openings as medical assistants, while 23% percent increase in demand is expected by 2025.

What will you Learn at Crescent College

Our syllabus is properly structured, and the labs are fully equipped with updated machinery that meets the modern needs of the days. To make it easy and understandable by everyone, we have divided the whole syllabus into different modules. There are 10 modules in total and each module is taught in specific credit hours.

Modules           Specifications                                                                         Credit Hours

AMA              Introduction to Computers                                                                          20
AMB              Introduction to Medical Office Procedures                                              20
AMC              Medical Anatomy and Terminology                                                           60
AMD              Health Care Law and Ethics                                                                        20
AME              Medical Clinical Procedures I                                                                     180
AMF              Medical Clinical Procedures II                                                                    140
AMG             Medical Billing, Insurance Coding and Medical Office Software         90
AMH            CPR First Aid                                                                                                   10
AMI              Employment Preparation                                                                             20
AMJ              Externship                                                                                                       120

The Last two modules are especially designed to give you, hands on practice as well as to maintain the reputation of our College.

Why Crescent College for this course?
In most colleges, students are graduating with theoretical work without facing the real-world problems. We are making the training program easy and outstanding from rest of the colleges.

The serving Medical Assistants of our College are pleased that as a part of Nation-Building, they are putting their efforts with the training we provide. We are enthusiastic that Crescent College, Los Angeles is striving to sustain the highest quality of clinical trainings among all its other competitors, by fostering a friendly and respectful environment.

Courses in this program include:

Module AMA
Module BMA
Module CMA
Module DMA
Module EMA
Module FMA
Module GMA
Module HMA
Module IMA
Module JMA
Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Medical Office Procedures
Medical Anatomy and Terminology
Health Care Law and Ethics
Medical Clinical Procedures I
Medical Clinical Procedures II
Medical Billing, Insurance Coding and Medical Office Software
CPR First Aid
Employment Preparation
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